New Ultraviolet Light Device Protects Your Family Home From Disease - Filled Mosquitoes and Bugs

Published on Thursday, October 28th, 2021

What Is Ultraviolet Mosquitron?

This ‘Breakthrough Device' lures, captures, and kills mosquitoes -- it's easy to use, child & pet safe, and chemical free!

No more applying strong bug spray every few hours, buying Citronella candles, or itching bites for days.

This life-changing device emits an ultraviolet light that attracts these flying insects and air-dries them within the device. Perfect to place next to the screen door, where they can sneak in during dusk.

And it works fast! Plug in the device and the Mosquitron does the rest! No more mosquitoes and other bugs getting into your home.

Protect Your Family and Home From Mosquitoes Today

Once the Mosquitron starts to emit ultraviolet light, it triggers an involuntary Phototaxic response in the bugs, bringing them close enough to vacuum, trap, and kill them in the chamber.

Eco-friendly and child & pet safe, the Mosquitron is chemical & poison free with no expensive exterminators required.

How The Mosquitron Works

No more hanging DIY penny-in-water bags above your porch or putting on dangerous OFF! Repellent anytime you want to open your windows! Mosquitron repels mosquitoes away from you without any messy clean- up afterward.

This Life-Changing Device Is:
  • Small, simple & convenient
  • Environmentally safe
  • No dangerous poisons or chemicals
  • Easy to use
  • No high priced exterminators
  • Safe for the whole family & pets
Why Choose The Mosquitron For My Home?

Thousands of satisfied customers are just raving about the device that is making their lives easier!

  • "I bought 2 this summer and they work great! I placed one next to my sliding door and use the other for barbecues, poolside, and camping." - Jan R. 
  • "I read online that putting pennies in a bag full of water would repel mosquitoes. But hanging several of these bags on my patio did not look nice. I found this device and it works 10x better!" - Catherine D.
  • "I love to sit outside on the lawn chair and read, but I am allergic to mosquito bites and the itching drives me nuts. I bought this device to put next to me outside and have not been bitten since." - David B. 
Where Can I Get This?

Due to high demand, inventory has been going fast. As of today (Thursday, October 28th, 2021)there is a limited supply of Mosquitrons at 50% OFF+FREE shipping, so order your Mosquitron right now!