ATTN: World Health Organization Classifies Cellphone Radiation as "Possibly Carcinogenic". Here's What To Do About It

Published on Thursday, October 28th, 2021

Just as the number of cell phone owners worldwide crosses 5 billion, the World Health Organization has released a jarring announcement: radiation from these phones is Possibly Carcinogenic1.

At first glance “Possibly Carcinogenic” may seem like a gamble worth taking, especially in exchange for something as vital as our phones (you’re probably holding one now!), but check out what else WHO has classified along with Cell Radiation:

  • Diesel Fuel
  • Human Papillomavirus
  • Phenobarbital (knockout drugs)
  • Engine Exhaust
  • Welding Fumes
  • Acetaldehyde (found in cigarette smoke and alcohol)
  • LEAD

That’s right… cell phone radiation has the same carcinogenic classification as LEAD!

Why Hasn’t Anyone Done Anything About This?

How can this have gone on for the last 20 years without anyone notifying the public? Behind the scenes, researchers have been quietly drawing the line between cell phone use and various illnesses.

Some studies show that there may be a connection between the decades-long decline of male sperm quality and mobile radiation. A 2012 review showed “that RF-EMR [radio frequency - electromagnetic radiation] decreases sperm count and motility and increases oxidative stress”2.

Why would science or the government keep this information from the public? Well, remember, at one point in time cocaine was in soda drinks, opium was considered a cure-all, and speed was a typical weight-loss pill.

The tobacco lobby fought tooth and nail against legislation that would protect American youth from cigarette marketing dollars and actively suppressed scientific evidence linking tobacco to lung cancer.

How Can I Protect My Family from Cell Phone Radiation?

Kids are particularly susceptible to EMF radiation. Smaller heads and softer tissue make give the waves deeper penetration to the brain.

But even if you were to adopt a cell phone-free approach to life, you’re still receiving the harmful EMF radiation from lights, wall sockets, computers, tablets, coffee makers, vacuums.... anything that’s carrying a current!

We really may be slowly poisoning ourselves with our own advancing technology.

EMF-protection phone and iPad cases do exist, but they’re expensive and only fit one size. Any device upgrade means you’ll need another $50 case. And then there’s still all the other devices in your home emitting harmful EMF radiation!

This Is A Genius Solution To The Dangers of EMF Radiation

As cell phones exploded in popularity, a team of German scientists was presented with the challenge of protecting a new generation of cell tower technicians and installers across the world.

After a year of research, the team discovered that certain rare earth elements do more than just ‘block out’ EMF radiation, they almost act as a suction, absorbing harmful electromagnetic fields.

Now, a company out of California has taken their groundbreaking research and created a secret proprietary blend of these rare earth metals that are both safe for human contact and over 95% effective at blocking out harmful EMF rays.

The best part? All you have to do is attach this tiny, tiny little sticker to your device.

The SHLD sticker protects your family against the harmful EMF radiation of your cell phone and other devices.

Seem too simple? Well check out these EMF and ion tests we ran before and after using SHLD:

Where Can I Get SHLD To Protect Myself and My Family?

Right now you can only get SHLD directly from their website.

Start protecting your family now from the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Radiation that has been silently plaguing us for decades. It's amazing what a tiny little device like this can do for you and your family.

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Disclaimer: SHLD has not been proven to prevent cancer or various illnesses. It has been lab-proven to ground EMF radiation and ionization.