Scientists Baffled: This Bamboo-Based Product Is Helping Millions Sleep Better

Published on Thursday, October 28th, 2021

If you find yourself feeling tired or discouraged throughout the day even after a long sleep the night before, it’s probably due to a subtle discomfort when you’re asleep. Similar to sleep apnea (where your body has to stay partially awake to breath) - if your posture is even partially incorrect, your body has to correct for it all night long, never getting a chance to truly rest.

Because of this concept, you may get 8+ hours of sleep every night but still feel tired throughout the day. This is troubling because of a lack of energy despite plenty of sleep is one of the single largest contributors to depression and anxiety.

Difficulty completing tasks, lack of interest in socializing, and depression are all symptoms of a lack of real rest.

Many resort to harmful sleeping pills through a doctor or over the counter. Unfortunately, many of these sleeping pills are known for being highly-addictive, largely ineffective, and always overpriced.

How It Works

Scientists at Sleepsy have ingeniously wrapped memory foam in bamboo-derived material, combining the benefits from both into a truly superior pillow.

The memory foam allows for a comfortable and even sleep from any angle or position, while the breathable, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic bamboo fibers allow for a clean and cool sleep.

The memory foam composition makes the pillow comfortable for sleeping at every angle and position. Regardless of your sleeping position, your back, hips, and joints will be able to fully relax and rest, which makes for great recovery after a busy day.

From what we’ve seen, the Sleepsy does a fantastic job in supporting the back, hips, knees, or any other joints that may need extra support. We brought this up to the creators, and they agreed to include an extra free Sleepsy for anyone who buys two at the same time! Support of your entire body after a long day is much easier when you have multiple memory foam pillows to help.

And for “frequent pillow flippers”, the bamboo material is also highly absorbent, making for a much cooler night’s sleep. The natural fibers from the bamboo make it much more breathable.

How does this advancement help you?

Research shows that only a small percentage of the world population sleep well at night. Scientists at Sleepsy have found the two main causes to be discomfort from the angle/position of your body, and the lukewarm temperature of your pillow (causing your head and body to have a slightly uncomfortable temperature).

Sleepsy is designed to fix both problems at once. By using memory foam, the pillow allows your body to rest at any angle, without having to adjust for your posture. And by wrapping the memory foam in breathable bamboo material, the pillow is able to circulate air and remain cool all night.

  • Versatile and portable - Take it anywhere!
  • Extra protection against bacteria & non-allergenic
  • Convenient and relaxing
  • Invented by neurologists and sleep experts
Your pillow may be packed with germs

Using an old pillow? You’re probably sleeping with millions of germs in your face. Unfortunately, it’s near impossible to get rid of the countless amounts of dust mites that live and breed there.

Luckily, bamboo is a natural antimicrobial, and prevents bacteria from adhering to the surface of your pillow! Plus, the hypoallergenic properties of bamboo fibers are treated with much less harmful chemicals during their production, and thus are less likely to have allergic sensitivities.

"Not even sleeping pills or my neurologist could help me have a quiet night as Sleepsy does. I now sleep 8 worthy hours per night with it and feel brand new!

Since I started suffering from insomnia, my life was falling apart with the constant mood changes, not only at work but also with my wife as well. Sleepsy saved me and my life!

It’s the best pillow in the market and saved my life by using it during the day and night. The only insomnia antidote that worked for me and my father.

Bottom line: Without a good night’s sleep, you’re more susceptible to depression, anxiety, and injury. With Sleepsy, you can finally let your body rest at night, without any need for dangerous drugs or other expensive sleeping aids!

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Here's the best part

Until now, this product has been listed for as much as 99.98$ in stores...However, the creators of the Sleepsy have given us permission to offer our readers a huge discount, in the hopes of helping as many people get great rest as possible! The problem is, many revolutionary companies such as Sleepsy are bought out and “re-purposed”, often to help big pharma companies sell more insomnia drugs! We can’t guarantee Sleepsy’s incredible pillow will be around long, so we recommend getting yours immediately at $49.99.